Want to fly a real plane yourself, but don't have the resources (money and skill) to do so? Want to improve your skills as a real pilot from the comfort of your home?

Try  dangerous maneuvers without risking your life. Or  just have fun with a serious game without any violence?

The latest and greatest flight simulator is now available.

Here's a great selection of radio-controlled airplanes helicopters, cars, boats and tanks at affordable prices.


This is the  AT-6-46 Almost-Ready-To-Fly Army Navy Nitro Gas RC Airplane below. This is the most popular AT-6-46 Airplane, with a wing span of 60.7 inches and fuselage length of 44.1 inches. Easily assembled.



Radio controlled models are fun!

News Stories

2008 Watermelon Nitro Blast

Almost 200 participants and enthusiasts gathered at the Outlaw RC Raceway at Aiken, in South Carolina. Fathers and sons joined in at the event, which took place on 26 July 2008.

A number of youngsters took part. Some have become keen racers after being introduced to RC racing at the tender age of 5 or 10. The excitement of the Nitro blast draws the racers and spectators, and many wonder why the sport is not more popular than it is.

Toys for kids with cerebral palsy
Students and professors at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design have developed toys and radio controllers that help children with cerebral palsy.

The toys which included a radio-controlled car and a tabletop racetrack are designed to improve the strength in limbs affected by the disease. Controllers are strapped to the wrist or forearm.

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